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Taleggio DOP


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Taleggio is a smear-ripened Italian cheese named after the caves of Val Taleggio. It is made from pasteurised milk in factories. The cheese has a strong smell, but its taste is relatively mild with an unusual fruity tang. Taleggio can be served grated on salads. Since it melts well, it can be used in risotto or on polenta.

Milk variety: cows’
Style of Cheese: semi-soft
Origin: Lombardy, Italy
Vegetarian: no
Unpasteurised?: no
Ingredients: Pasteurized cow’s milk, salt, rennet
Nutritional Information (per 100g): Energy 1246 kJ / 300 Kcal | Fat 24.9 g of which saturated fatty acids 16.2 | Carbohydrates 2,1 g of which sugars 2.1 g | Protein 16.9 g | Salt 2.2 g
Storage: Keep refrigerated +4c/+8

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