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ID / Rigoni Di Asiago Organic Summer Fruits Jam


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Since its launch in the mid-90s, Fiordifrutta has earned the loyalty and passion of consumers, becoming the leader in Italian jam.
Fiordifrutta is produced with the best organic fruit, selected from the best areas of origin and collected at full maturity with the addition of apple juice and fruit pectin.
Is processed at room temperature to better preserve the flavor and aroma of freshly picked fruit, contains no added sugar, no artificial flavors nor colors. Is sweetened only with organic apple juice, which allows you to fully appreciate the fresh taste and aroma of freshly picked fruit and the gelling agent used for its preparation is a natural pectin unmodified, extracted from the peel of citrus fruits and / or apples.
Excellent eaten alone, to garnish cakes, ice cream, yogurt and warmth to enrich savory recipes.
Fiordifrutta is a high quality product, which represents the company’s commitment to delivering every day only the best to their consumers.

Pear is a delicious and sweet fruit. The varieties used for the preparation of Fiordifrutta is the Pera Williams, from 100% organic crops in the area of Ferrara, controlled by Rigoni di Asiago. The pears are harvested in the fall season, and you can enjoy them until late spring.


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