Graviera cheese


GRAVIERA PROIKAS SHEEP?S & GOAT?S MILK is a traditional Greek hard cheese. It is produced by Proikas Dairy Industry in Sohos, Thessaloniki, Greece, from 100% Greek sheep?s and goat?s milk from selected native sheep and goat free ranging breeds of the region of Sohos, following the traditional recipe, without any preservatives and additives.
Graviera PROIKAS has long maturation, pleasant taste and delicate sweet after-taste.
Enjoy it as a table cheese, after leaving it out of fridge for half an hour to release its flavors, accompanying it with a glass of wine, fruits and nuts. Ideal for cheese platters and green salads cut into peels. Graviera can also be fried as saganaki and be an ingredient in cheese croquettes, souffles and gratins. Perfect topping grated on pasta, oven-baked dishes and many Greek dishes as pastitsio etc.

Graviera cheese.

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