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Barilla Vero Gusto Olives Taggiasche and Oregano


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Barilla Vero Gusto Taggiasca Olives & Sicilian Oregano brings to your table the authentic taste of Taggiasca olives and the scent of Sicilian oregano.
For the preparation of Vero Gusto sauces, we start from the fried, a mixture of vegetables cooked slowly with extra virgin olive oil.
We add selected ingredients to 100% Italian tomatoes, such as Taggiasca olives and Sicilian oregano.
Vero Gusto sauces are without flavorings, without added preservatives and without added sugars (they contain only the sugars naturally present in the ingredients).

Taggiasca olives
Taggiasca olives are small and very tasty fruits, characterized by pleasant shades of color, between green and purple. The pulp is unmistakable for its intense and slightly acid taste.


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