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We work very hard to balance quality with value for money. Visit other online delis and you will see we compare very well. You will find that the vast majority of our products can only be purchased in The United Kingdom from Il Mercato.

Many of our suppliers have been producing for generations and are proud of their local heritage; selecting only the finest ingredients, following traditional recipes and true artisan preparation methods with passion and expertise. We will never sell a product without tasting the produce ourselves first. These combined methods result in a quality that cannot be matched by the more industrial producers.


We have a fantastic range of produce from around The Mediterranean including products from Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece.


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About Il Mercato

Our in-house bakery offers freshly made pizzas, bread, Pasticcini. We also have a large selection of Italian cured meats and cheeses from small independent farms. Our additional wine corner offers consumers a chance to taste, drink and purchase our fine wines selection as well as our Italian craft beer.

The quality of our food is only matched by the passion and dedication that Alessandro puts into the Deli. All our wines and recipes come from Alex’s homeland. Although tradition is key here, our dishes do not ignore contemporary tastes and always offer some modern twist to the classic recipes.

Honesty and simplicity are fundamental values to us


Il Mercato By Signorelli is the first authentic Mediterranean delicatessen to offer authentic produce from around the Med so why not take your time and look through our menu and get it delivered straight to your door!!

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